Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Round 2

Debates. Town Hall setting is cool. McCain walked right up to the audience had his finger inches away from a question asker's face. It was kinda creepy and very Saul Tigh. He's doing it again! Getting all up in people's grills. He also keeps going over the one minute discussion time that both candidates agreed on.

In my opinion Obama is kicking ass. One question asked was: out of social security, energy and healthcare, where do they rank in importance? McCain's answer was a fumbled jumble of "oh we can work on all of them...sure..they are important...bla bla bla" which was such a dismissive answer. He didnt explain how, and still went over time. Obama's response was what the question poser was needing..a real answer, which stated that on top of his list is energy independence, and even invoked the name of JFK, akinning his 10 year plan to be free of foreign oil with JFK's plan to go to the moon.

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