Thursday, October 23, 2008

PC Vs. Mac

In the war of PC Vs. Mac, I feel like I'm the winner.

The "I'm a PC" ads did in fact, warm my heart a little, but that is just because people -- tons of people -- do use Microsoft computers even though they know they are "uncool" and "not necessarily dependable." Other words like "vulnerable to attack" and "clunky" also come to mind, but either way I'm going to use a PC and I dont see this changing anytime soon.

BUT I do find those Mac ads cute. Not so much Justin Long's whatever attitude, but more for the ever-wise John Hodgman's wit. And tweed is nice.


Darrell said...

I find the commercials pretty entertaining too. They're pretty effective marketing. However, I don't think that Macs are quite as perfect or superior as most people are led to believe. I live with a mac user and I have observed that they do crash, hang, freeze, and occasionally they don't "just work" as promised. I'm pretty content with my IBM T series laptop and Windows XP.

Keisha said...

My past pc froze and now so does my mac these days but that has more to do with overloading it's memory more than the computer itself. Everything's so easy to do on this computer I just load and load and apprently, recently, overload.