Thursday, October 30, 2008


My pictures and blog were featured on one of my favorite sites, Uptown Update! My work can be seen here and here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today In Dika History

Waiting for the train.

This cute ladybug sat next to me on the Red Line.

Uptown's newest lake. The Wilson Yard's unintended watering hole gets larger with each rain. Maybe by December we'll have an ice skating rink.

PC Vs. Mac

In the war of PC Vs. Mac, I feel like I'm the winner.

The "I'm a PC" ads did in fact, warm my heart a little, but that is just because people -- tons of people -- do use Microsoft computers even though they know they are "uncool" and "not necessarily dependable." Other words like "vulnerable to attack" and "clunky" also come to mind, but either way I'm going to use a PC and I dont see this changing anytime soon.

BUT I do find those Mac ads cute. Not so much Justin Long's whatever attitude, but more for the ever-wise John Hodgman's wit. And tweed is nice.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

battle state Vs. battle state

Bernard Hopkins ripped Pavlik's head off according to everyone who saw the fight like I did. Phili B. Hop laid some smack down on Ohioan Pavlik, and either way, it was a very good fight. A handle of Captian Morgan was useful tonight, like a flashlight in the midst of a blackout.

Today, in Dika History

Thursday, October 16, 2008

not cool

Today was unexpectedly not cool. I went to Media class to find a few students sitting in deep discussion, something about Mrs. Turner not coming in yesterday and today. As more students arrive and still no sign of Mrs. Turner or any English Dept. rep, half of the class leaves to the English dept. office on the sixth floor. 15 minutes later they return with this tall, hard-faced blond woman. She lets us know in a heavy Eastern European accent that Mrs. Turner was in the hospital, undergoing surgery for an organ transplant -- she does not know which organ -- and that it was likely she would not return for the rest of semester.

Without letting this thought sink in to any of us, who sat there dumbfounded, shocked, slack-jawed, she leaps into her history in "academia" and her background as a general know-it-all from Lithuania. She discloses that she is a English Comp professor. She then makes a class who has known each other for 9 weeks re-introduce themselves instead of bothering to look at our syllabus or textbook. In some odd way to get to know us, she launched into a political rant; calling Mccain a zombie, a disgrace, stating that she hopes we all voted Democrat, called Sarah Palin a few names...and even though I agree with her on many of those things, I found it very inappropriate. She didnt even know us, or our views. Her attack on McCain sent one girl, who we know to be born of wealth and a life-long Gold Coaster with parents with a long history of military service, running out of the room with tears in her eyes. She came to class expecting us to catch up on Chapter 4: The Internet, but instead had her beliefs picked apart by an English teacher we only just met today.

The teacher's next assult on us was her disregard for our lesson plan. She scowled at the essay list Mrs. Turner wrote for us, and told us that our act of discussing media together as a class was no longer called for. According to the new teacher, "feelings come second to research and I am not concerned with how you feel about media." This is a mistake. I learned more about media in this class than I ever expected and that was from the experiences of my other classmates and Mrs. Turner..talking about which newspapers we read and why, which shows we watch and why, what magazines mean to us and why and all along tieing it in with our reading.

The new teacher wants us to change what was planned as reflective essays to hardcore research papers. We all already took English 102. We took this class to learn about Mass Communications and Media, not about how to write a bibliography. We need a Media teacher, not someone who tells us she will make up her own projects that have nothing to do with the work we have done so far. This is not what we signed up for.

I miss Mrs. Turner.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm a little less wise today.

Two weeks ago my upper right wisdom tooth broke. Today they extracted it while I was fully awake and my good-time shot had already started to wear off. All four wisdom teeth have been giving me migraines since they all erupted back in 2005, and now I am one less. I hope this helps with the headaches and my nightly teeth grinding. The last two weeks I have been a mess, with that jagged sharp wisdom tooth scraping on the inside of my cheek. Already I feel less pressure in my head. I do though, have a huge gaping hole in my gums that is now stuffed with gauze. No smoking, no drinking, no straws for 36 hours was the advice of my dentist. Yes 36 hours, not 48...not even a whole two days. This sounds do-able.

I wasn't even supposed to get a tooth pulled today. Just a crown. A sweet, golden crown. I may be less wise but I'm worth a little more now that I'm partially made of gold. It feels so smooth like a real tooth and I'm getting excited to show it to people at Cheese&Wine this weekend.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Round 2

Debates. Town Hall setting is cool. McCain walked right up to the audience had his finger inches away from a question asker's face. It was kinda creepy and very Saul Tigh. He's doing it again! Getting all up in people's grills. He also keeps going over the one minute discussion time that both candidates agreed on.

In my opinion Obama is kicking ass. One question asked was: out of social security, energy and healthcare, where do they rank in importance? McCain's answer was a fumbled jumble of "oh we can work on all of them...sure..they are important...bla bla bla" which was such a dismissive answer. He didnt explain how, and still went over time. Obama's response was what the question poser was needing..a real answer, which stated that on top of his list is energy independence, and even invoked the name of JFK, akinning his 10 year plan to be free of foreign oil with JFK's plan to go to the moon.
It's a strange thing to be from the West Indies. Even weirder to be from the only English speaking country in South America. Most people assume that I'm Indian, which to an extent, is true. But I'm not. Sure, I can fix your computer and I know my way around a hospital, but my parents aren't strict and I eat beef and I dont speak a drop of hindi accept for maybe my name, and even that I can't pronounce correctly, according to real Indian people. Sometimes people think I know Spanish, which happens mostly in grocery stores.

When filling out forms, I always have to check 'other' when they ask my race. This seems ridiculous to me. I find the choices very limiting. Well, I'm not Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian, Or African American and I'm pretty sure I'm not a Pacific Islander. 'Other' for 15 years of standardized tests. Maybe I am Asian.

The British and Dutch sugar trade changed the lives of thousands of Indians, Africans and Chinese. Replanted on tropic soil, these people settled on the other side of the world and have stayed there for 200 years, losing many of their past traditions. They are no longer Indian, African or Chinese. They are Guyanese. We listen to Buju Banton and drink Red Stripes. We use British slang and eat Edam cheese. We are different from our ancestors in the Mother Lands. We are not quite what people think we are. Especially if that island accent is long gone.

The only people who seem to know what I am are Indian people. I guess I dont give off that Desi vibe. And according to some cab drivers, I would look Pakistani, but only if I were taller.

I've tried to research what part of India my great grand uncle was from, before he stole my great-grandmother, still a baby at the time, and set foot on the good ship Hesperus, whose captain promised him land and all the sugar he could handle. Uttar Pradesh is all I can trace back to, and that is a gigantically large region.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Three parties in a row! Friday night was my personal Prosecco fest at Fish Monger Chris' and yesterday was the most successful Cheese party ever. Not only was every cheese delicious, but I made an apple pie and a variety of dips that were all winners. Also I have enough left over beer to last me a week. Today is Smokin' Sundays at Brisket MacAfee's and I couldnt be more excited about an animal's ribcage.

My pet spider finally awoke from her week-long coma to create the most perfect web I have ever seen. One of these days she will probably start writing messages like "Fine Pig."