Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm a little less wise today.

Two weeks ago my upper right wisdom tooth broke. Today they extracted it while I was fully awake and my good-time shot had already started to wear off. All four wisdom teeth have been giving me migraines since they all erupted back in 2005, and now I am one less. I hope this helps with the headaches and my nightly teeth grinding. The last two weeks I have been a mess, with that jagged sharp wisdom tooth scraping on the inside of my cheek. Already I feel less pressure in my head. I do though, have a huge gaping hole in my gums that is now stuffed with gauze. No smoking, no drinking, no straws for 36 hours was the advice of my dentist. Yes 36 hours, not 48...not even a whole two days. This sounds do-able.

I wasn't even supposed to get a tooth pulled today. Just a crown. A sweet, golden crown. I may be less wise but I'm worth a little more now that I'm partially made of gold. It feels so smooth like a real tooth and I'm getting excited to show it to people at Cheese&Wine this weekend.

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