Friday, November 14, 2008

back at 1619 i hardly ever dreamt. which was a contrast from richmond hill's lucid era. i read books on astral projection. i did visualizations that were meant to bring on that body vibration, that mind-tone, that thing that would snap the elastic that ties you to the ethereal. it worked once. i looked at my hands. and then i moved and chicago gave me nothing but the infrequent visions of hollis, distorted, hazy and unjolting. but now, 1709 is like a dreamer's paradise, no search for the hands required..just fall asleep and let the past haunt your soul. not any past you have ever known, but instead a history of things that are real and very useful when watching jeopardy. i dont even need my hand-drawn star of asteroth beneath my pillow, the sciences are with me.

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Richie Nana Nketsiah said...

Hi Dika,

That's a masterpiece of a blog. Keep it up. Anyway, I love watching Jeopardy as well.
Nana Richie