Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love Paste magazine. Their year-end round-up of the best the indie world has to offer mirrored the piles and piles of media accumulated in my living room to a tee. Their pick for album of the year was She&Him's delicate and instantly adorable self titled release. Big-eyed indie starlit Zooey Deschanel pairs up with guitar virtuoso M. Ward, combining their years of southern California radio-listening, excellent song writing abilities and unique voices to make 2008's best album. No robot voices, no collabos with big name producers, DJs or singers, no dramz -- just good ol' listening songs, for people who like to listen to music. I went to see them at Park West last July and was blown away by their stage was old timey and no-frills, and I sat on a stool against the wall and clapped my hands with others and felt like I was at a Carpenters show. Thats what its all about.

And then they did it again, Paste picked the best TV show ever for their fav of 08. Battlestar Galactica. And I've gone on about that series enough.

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