Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Burger King commercials are in another dimension altogether. I wish I could run into a reverse-pickpocket instead of the traditional kind like I usually do. But I still would not want to ever run into the King on the street. That is the most oddly off-putting character ever. Quite possibly worse than Guy Smiley, who's pill-shaped head cracks open at the center to reveal a creepy game show host grin. Guy Smiley used to give me nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares I had a really bad one last night. I was running north on Ashland in a really exaggerated way. Almost like a moon walk, but not MJ's, but more like Neil Armstrong's. I was running trying to find a corner store. I get passed the tracks at Clybourn and cross the street and head south on Ashland again, remembering that there is a 7-11 on Cortland. I'm running and I see from the corner of my eye a path winding up behind the train tracks. For some reason I climb up the path, which is difficult as it was laid with large white gravel, the incline is steep and I can feel the rocks rolling beneath my feet.

I get to the top and I am suddenly in a shabby old building, not like the ones behind the Clybourn station, but more like the ones behind the train yards in Richmond Hill. Every window a victim of a thrown stone. As I am climbing in I can sense someone is watching me from street level. Once I am inside the person is right behind me and I turn around to see an old train conductor. He looks like when Ringo was on Shining Time Station. But much older. Like decrepid. I try to get away out of another window, which has this weird teeter-totter thing that makes me think that if I'm not careful, I'll fall right off. Before I decide whether to climb on it or not, there is a little girl, also kind of decrepid looking, like a twin from The Shining. She was the train conductor's daughter and she was trying to get away and I grabbed her and we fell off the teeter-totter to the floor.

When I get to the floor I am no longer holding a dead looking little girl but I am holding my cat instead. I am at some weird pet party and Miel, with her hatred of other animals, needed to be restrained. I held her tight but she clawed her way to freedom and before I knew it she was clawing her way through some dog's face. Again. I run to get her but then I wake up. Weird weird weird.

other than the awful dreams, Battlestar Galactica is addictive and now that I am out of episodes something will have to fill the void. Pushing Daisies will shut my pie hole.

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