Thursday, September 18, 2008

According to quite a few sources, Microsoft will admit on Friday what a mistake the Seinfeld ad campaign was. The 300 million dollar marketing ploy to make Windows and Bill Gates seem young and quirky was an epic fail, on a grand scale. Not only did the ads not make any sense, but they made Bill Gates seem somewhat creepy and self-indulgent, and the ads pulled off the same effect for Seinfeld (but we already knew he was creepy and self-indulgent) I know you should expect this behavior from one of the richest men in the world, but its not exactly something you want to use to get young yuppies to put down their Macs and buy your products.

Phase 2 of the ad campaign will be Seinfeld free. I think the new phase has something to do with insulting people into thinking they are lame for not using Windows Vista. They don't need to insult me, I am on XP, Service Pack 3, running on a Dell XPS 1730. No Mac has this kind of raw power, but Microsoft does need to step its game up. Not spend $300 mil on strange ads.

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