Monday, August 25, 2008

this fern needs water

I will now use this blog exclusively. Two reasons: 1.) turns out that every time I make a post on Livejournal people use my comments section as an opportunity to flame one another. I make a really heartfelt (but drunken) post on Saturday night and by morning two friends of mine who have never met are calling each other an asshole or a cunt. And as for my plea for advice, nothing useful was given! 2.) I am required to blog weekly, according to my English 153 syllabus. So here we are!

According to a threatening and uninformative teaser for tonight's 10 o'clock news, research shows that incense is bad for your health. Well, that's just great. Another of my life's simple pleasures will give me cancer. No more Nag Champa for me, I guess. Rest assured, this household will still find a way to smell like hippies.

I miss the Olympics. And Generation Kill. TV is now back to these crappy reality shows and creepy Howie Mandel's overexcited contestants. What will we have on mute during our cheese and wine parties now??? Gods forbid we start taking about politics again. Oh wait, we have to.

This Bell's Lager of the Lakes and bag of Taro chips feels really well deserved after a grueling day of waiting on longs lines on the first day of school. There is a line for every bloody thing. I didn't even get my U-Pass because the queue was the length of the school itself.

I have approximately 350 pictures from this weekend to upload now. Wish me lots of RAM.

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